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Tress Trix: "Bump Up the Volume! - Part 2 of 2: Backcombing"

by: AMC for Hair Chaos Marketing!

Picture it. You're sitting there in front of the mirror, with a comb in one hand and a section of hair in the other. Your tackle teasing. You start to run the comb up and down your hair, making back and forth motions with your comb like a seasoned barber slapping a straight razor back and forth on worn leather. Just then, you try and lift the comb---but wait, it won't budge! Oh snap! You have a rats nest of terribly teased locks on your domepiece. In a panic, you reach for the shears and recklessly hack at your hair! AAAAAAAH!

Yes, sadly the experience above is a true, it didn't happen to me, but I'm sure it's a true story for some failed backcomber out there!
I have done this with a round brush before, long story...hey you! No giggling! I know you've done it too!
So if you're anything like me then backcombing, A.K.A. teasing, is a difficult feat! But do not fret my fellow mane challenged friend...This Part 2 will include some neat trix on how to actually achieve it!

Part 1 included some cool tips on shampooing/conditioning. So, after you've stepped out of the shower, cleansed and moisturized, Heather recommends slapping some Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Smoothing Serum. This stuff is something I also have in my personal arsenal, and I can tell you it is awesome. It gives a smooth finish and wicked shine! Cost is about $16+...not bad right?

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Smoothing Serum

While wet, take some root lifting foam to your locks. This will help in adding that rad volume you want. Once your tresses dry, take a section of hair in front of your crown and pull it forward. This section will be used to cover the backcombed area later.
You can use a regular old comb, or find a tool specifically made for backcombing, like The Marilyn Brush (Teasing/Backcombing Boar Bristle Brush). Cost is about $8+. So, take a 2" section of hair from your crown, spray it with hairspray. Take your comb and behind the section of hair (not in front, very popular misconception) and run your comb from 1" above your root to the root. This creates a good base. Lift the comb off the base (actually pulling the combing off the scalp), go back to an inch above the root, place the comb in, and slide down again.

The Marilyn Brush (Teasing/Backcombing Boar Bristle Brush)

View the handy-dandy video below for a visual.
Keep doing this motion a few times until you've achieved enough "fluff", then move on to the next section. Once you've backcombed the entire width of your crown, take that section you've pulled forward and smooth it over the teased crown. Shape it by lightly brushing it over the crown. Spray and lightly comb until it becomes even across your crown. Beware though because excessive combing will comb the backcombing out.

The whole process should take approximately 15-30 minutes to achieve. Heather says the more you do it, the faster you get at it.
And voila! You have a wickedly cool voluminous bump! No more Chewbacca monstrosities! See, AMC is hooking you up!

Well, that concludes Part 2 of Bump Up the Volume! Big thanks to Ms. Heather for shooting the video and showing this chica how to properly backcomb (not front comb, haha!).
Next Tress Trix segment will include Heather's tips on how to achieve some saucey side-swept bangs! Some of the secrets she will reveal will totally surprise you!
Til then!
...Oh, and do me a favor, bring some chaos to your locks!
->AMC out!

Video: Teasing Motions :)

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